November 19 2018 07:45:20
KSS Show In Grenaa '09
KSS Show In Grenaa '09



Friday: Lucas B.O.B - Queen Bee B.O.S - B.O.S B.I.S 2

Lucas B.I.S 3 - Sveske B.I.S 3 Puppy



Saturday: Queen Bee B.O.B - Lucas B.O.S

Miss Super Winner '09 2. year in row



Sunday: Soffie's Sveske

Best In Show Puppy



Happy Feet B.O.S B.I.S

Queen Bee Best In Show



Gold Cup Competition

Gold Cup Winner 2



What an amazing 3 days

Lucas and Sveske just agree... :)

Video from the show: 
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Please have a bit patient some of them may take some times.

 Soffie's Bad Mama

 Lucas part one

 Lucas part two


 Soffie's Happy Feet

 Soffie's Sveske

 Soffie's Queen Bee part one

 Soffie's Queen Bee part two

 Gold Cup Competition